Rural Holiday Retreat

Jupilles - France

Located between the village and the forest, the project is a hybrid of urbanity and nature.

Half-housing and half-tree grove, the holiday cottages are formed inside a hedge in the middle of a flowery meadow. The nesting of housing in the hedges manifests a willingness to assume a link between the village and the forest. Each cottage is designed as a box that disappears behind a planted wall of equal height. The openings of each cottage are made by penetrating the surrounding hedge. The living rooms with their kitchens are recessed slightly below ground level. Inside, the luxury is in its bareness, its raw materials, wood and concrete, and in the rustling of the trees.

It is an alternative to the urban sprawl that is created by traditional holiday villages.


Drawings and models for the project can be found in the collections of the MNAC-ITC of the Centre Pompidou.

PROGRAM 10 guest houses, restoration of an old farmer, construction of a swimming pool, landscape design


CLIENT SAE - Mas de France TEAM Maison Edouard François, Duncan LEWIS (designer)


BUDGET 1,2 M € SCHEDULE Delivery 1996




La chauvinière

72500 Jupilles