Place d'Youville

Montréal - Canada

To celebrate the 350th anniversary of the city of Montreal, the French Minister of Culture organized a competition on the very site where Maisonneuve founded the city.


The project is a sensory evocation of the original site. At the heart of the city, the new Place d'Youville is designed as an example of magnified nature. Escaping plumes of steam during the winter mark the location of the first French parliament that was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt. A large area of raw wood recalls the vastness of the forest and the floating of lumbered trunks. Immense bulrushes are a memory of the forgotten marshlands—snowy during the winter, covered with dead leaves in autumn, shady in the summer, and perpetually bathed with the sounds of water. In certain corners of the square, recorded chants of woodcocks can be be heard.

PROGRAM Redevelopment of a historical quarter of Montreal




Schedule Competition 1992

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Place d'Youville