Temporary Covering for Churches

Lalibela - Ethiopie

In the fourth century BC, a nomadic people with no tradition of building decided to build a new Jerusalem in the middle of Ethiopia.

 The buildings were sculpted into the bedrock. From the bottom of these cavities rise monolithic churches. There are twelve. They have always remained active places of worship.

 But the stone is deteriorating and the roofs have become porous. They must be covered in order to preserve them,

 Our project consists of a simple canvas that stretches above the churches. There is no visible structure and no superfluous feat.

 Poles on the edge of the hole are covered with goatskins bound with zippers. The water is drained in the middle of the bulging sheet through the use of funnels, creating an ensemble of forms that is maternal and dreamlike.

PROGRAM Restoration of the roofs of 12 monolithic churches


CLIENT Communauté Européenne, UNESCO

Team Maison Edouard François 

Schedule Competition 2000

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