Saint-Martin-d’Hères - France

At a time when large factories and other metropolitan abattoirs are being converted into cultural spaces, the Neyrpic factory is now set to be resuscitated after decades of neglect…

The Ray

Nice - France

In the heights of Nice, the neighbourhood of the former Ray Stadium is transforming in order to accommodate some three hundred buildings and 6 000 m² of commercial surface area, between the Gorbella Boulevard and the future Ray Park.

The Hills of Honfleur

Luxury shopping center - France

A retail center would be integrated into the bank of the Seine river at the foot of the Normandy Bridge in Honfleur (in the region of Calvados).

Hôtel de Coulanges

Paris 4

The site of the Hôtel de Coulanges, a mansion located between a courtyard and a garden, is typical of the private mansions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. However, the rare programmatic usage of the site is what makes this Hôtel iconic.

Grand Fleuve

Paris 16

Between the Maison de la Radio and the Banks of the Seine, the plot is located on a central reservation with a view over the Left Bank and the Île aux Cygnes...

The Mont-Manger

Paris 19

In the land of gourmet cooking, everything is accelerating. Meats, fish, vegetables, flour, salt, oils, and other condiments are leaving the industrial world and become once again virtuous...

Krrish Square

Colombo - Sri Lanka

In the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, our site surrounds a historic British-colonial building. In this country, density is not limited.

Gurgaon 66

Sector 66 Gurgaon - India

In Vatsu, which is the Indian precursor of Fengshui, a large road passing in front of a building is a sign of its prosperity.

School complex

Chartres - France

For a neighborhood to succeed, the school must succeed as it is an important attraction for new residents.

Qatar Chamber of Commerce

Doha - Qatar

The Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry (QCCI) edifice majestically rises from the Qatari sand revealing its champagne crystalized titanium skin.

André Malraux Elementary School Complex

Montpellier - France

The André Malraux School Complex in Montpellier is a project that develops on two levels...

Bordeaux Brazza

Bordeaux - France

The Urban Regeneration Zone of Brazza, in Bordeaux, can be easily understood. The site is an abandoned industrial wasteland. Echoes of its industrial past can be perceived through ruins, graffiti, light filtering across crumbing constructions, wind, currents of air, and stagnating water.

Salzburg Fusion


At the edge of historic Salzburg on the banks of the Salzach, the figure of "big" bourgeois villas reign supreme...

Water Treatment Plant

Amiens - France

Four closed boxes fit together on a hillside facing a forest.


Paris 17

Beneath Ternes Avenue sits a narrow parking garage that is the longest in all of Paris. Our project involved making it more welcoming.

Buffon school

Thiais - France

This kindergarten project plays with the composition of the existing school, adding to it a third, long volume.

Faubourg d'Egmont


The display window is of utmost importance to luxury brands.

Jules Ferry High School

Versailles - France

The residence and the ateliers of Jules Ferry Technical High School are located on two separate sites, on both sides of rue Jules Ferry—one of the important access roads leading to the Chateau of Versailles.

Glass box, Pigeon Tree, Leather box

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire - France

By 1996, the Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire had already become a kind of "idea-farm". It was a place of inventions both small and big...

Ventilation chimney

La Défense - France

The new buildings at the heart of La Défence are constructed in front of the ventilation shaft of the underground circulations.

Parking Deck

New Saint-Roch - Montpellier

The Saint-Roch Parking Deck in Montpellier presents two images to the city. On one side, from the windows of a city tram, vegetation continues fluidly from the street onto the façade.

Place d'Youville

Montréal - Canada

To celebrate the 350th anniversary of the city of Montreal, the French Minister of Culture organized a competition...

Water treatment plant

Nantes - France

The general layout of the site is based on a staging of the virtues of water treatment.

Temporary Covering for Churches

Lalibela - Ethiopie

In the fourth century BC, a nomadic people with no tradition of building decided to build a new Jerusalem in the middle of Ethiopia.

School and Gymnasium in Meudon

Meudon - France

At the bottom of the hills of Meudon, the project for a new school complex is set on a difficult slope.