Buffon school

Thiais - France

This kindergarten project plays with the composition of the existing school, adding to it a third, long volume.

We chose not to build a new wing perpendicular to the existing buildings on the ground floor. Instead, a long thin structure stretches over the body of the main building. Exceptional cantilevers were achieved of more than 35 meters long. It is a kind of poetic record because the cantilever allows for the volume to hang in the neighboring trees. Paulownia Imperialis were chosen for their huge heart-shaped leaves and purple flowering during the spring.

On the technical side, the truss forms an arborescence that blends in with the adjacent trees. The flanges of the truss, with sections that were chosen randomly, evoke a child's drawing. However, the technical sophistication of the structure is only subtly apparent.

PROGRAM Renovation and extension of the Buffon kindergarten school. Rehabilitation of the refectory


CLIENT Municipalité de Thiais 

Team Maison Edouard François, YRM - ANTONY HUNT & associés


Area 1 100 M² BUDGET 1 M € 

Schedule Delivery 1996

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Rue de La Galaise

94320 Thiais