Water treatment plant

Nantes - France

The general layout of the site is based on a staging of the virtues of water treatment. It follows the journey of water which, initially filthy, becomes clear and nearly drinkable. The plant finds its symbolism in the series of 60 meter-wide tanks that metamorphisize from east to west. Highly structured at first, the tanks slowly become disorganized and are eventually covered with plants, ending up like an echo of plant masses.

The site is where an old landfill for the city of Nantes once stood. 

The floor is covered with black slate that contrasts with the sides of the tanks that are covered with vegetation.


The drawings and the model of the project are among the collections of the FRAC Centre.

PROGRAM Water treatment plant. Water treatment plant, industrial buildings, offices. Water treatment for 550,000 inhabitants


CLIENT Syndicat d'assainissement de l'Agglomération Nantaise Team Maison Edouard François, Duncan Lewis (collaborateur, designer), OTH, BETOM (BET) 


Area 70 ha and 50 000 m² of office space BUDGET 85 M € 

Schedule Competition 1995

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