Water Treatment Plant

Amiens - France

Four closed boxes fit together on a hillside facing a forest. The buildings are concrete and clad with a galvanized mesh of branches. The set of volumes blend into the trees. Echoing the mass of wooded boxes, a landscape of sculpted plants is placed at the top of the hill, to become flower beds or greenhouses for the flourishing of the city.


A facility of this type must be visited. Inside the buildings, the treatment of water is a spectacle. The sedimentation pools are like swimming pools à la David Hockney and the final stage of purification showcases clean water flowing over a plate and sparkling in the sun before rejoining the river. This reflecting pool extends along a line of horticultural beds.

The impact on the landscape of a facility this huge is as low as possible. It is the same as the odors.

PROGRAM Conception and construction of a water treatment station in Amiens.




BUDGET 50 M € Schedule DELIVERY 1999

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Sud d'Amiens