Tower Flower

Paris 17

The Flower Tower was completed in 2004. Christian de Portzamparc, architect in charge of the urban regeneration zone of Hauts Malesherbes, had given us a carte blanche.

Eden Bio

Paris 20

Eden Bio was a study of the densification of a typical suburban block on the east side of Paris. Three ideas guided the project.

The building that grows

Montpellier - France

The Building that Grows is a rare encounter between architect and developer in the field of desires.

M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity

Vertical Chameleon - Paris 13

The relationship between building height and sustainability is a subject that currently occupies the minds of many city planners...

The Hills of Honfleur

Luxury shopping center - France

A retail center would be integrated into the bank of the Seine river at the foot of the Normandy Bridge in Honfleur (in the region of Calvados).

The Mont-Manger

Paris 19

In the land of gourmet cooking, everything is accelerating. Meats, fish, vegetables, flour, salt, oils, and other condiments are leaving the industrial world and become once again virtuous...


Asnières-sur-Seine - France

Creating a new neighbourhood in a city is a sensitive exercise. Too many local planning projects (ZAC) wind up as unpalatable assemblages of monotonous macro-lots, with total disregard for any sense of harmonisation within the surrounding urban context.

Aldiana 4 and 5 tridents Club-Med


The site of Aldiana, one hour from the Dakar airport, extends between the ocean and a lagoon.

Planted Tower of Nantes


On the Isle of Nantes, a 60 meter tower is to be built as the first phase of a new urban concept.

Ginko 46

Bordeaux - France

In 2008, a sustainable neighborhood named Ginko was established at Berges du Lac in Bordeaux.

Pointe des


Occupied for 40 years by a famous holiday resort that is now being relocated, Almadies Point is to be converted into a new upscale Dakar neighborhood.

Buffon school

Thiais - France

This kindergarten project plays with the composition of the existing school, adding to it a third, long volume.

Ventilation chimney

La Défense - France

The new buildings at the heart of La Défence are constructed in front of the ventilation shaft of the underground circulations.

Rural Holiday Retreat

Jupilles - France

Located between the village and the forest, the project is a hybrid of urbanity and nature.

Water treatment plant

Nantes - France

The general layout of the site is based on a staging of the virtues of water treatment.

Alliance Française

New Dehli - India

In summer it is incredibly hot in New Delhi while the winters are relatively mild.

Cardinet Chalabre

Paris 17

The project was located in one of the fifteen "sustainable neighborhoods" under development in France.

School and Gymnasium in Meudon

Meudon - France

At the bottom of the hills of Meudon, the project for a new school complex is set on a difficult slope.

Loft and Garden

Bruxelles - Belgium

The project takes place in the former Veterinary School of Anderlecht.