Aldiana 4 and 5 tridents Club-Med


The site of Aldiana, one hour from the Dakar airport, extends between the ocean and a lagoon. It is the site of a new Club Med that will be classified 4 and 5 tridents.

Our proposal distinguishes itself through the range of experiences that it offers. You can stay in traditional huts renovated in the middle of the forest, sleep in the trees or in wooden stilted cocoons, and float on a lagoon filled with replanted mangroves at the edge of a natural reserve.

The hotel decor and its scenography varies between authenticity and "recycl'Art". Many local artisans, weavers, carpenters, founders, ironworkers, and blacksmiths are engaged in the project.

With an architecture fully integrated into the site, activities in connection with nature, and a respect to the lush natural setting, the village is worthy of the title "Eco-Nature."

PROGRAM Club Med Saraba



BUDGET n.a Schedule Commission 2007, Delivery 2017


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