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Housed in a former bathhouse that was closed when the Halles were relocated, the famous nightclub "Les Bains Douches" fully embodies the eccentric 1980's, between garage dandyism and punk chic. 

After 30 years of occasionally controversial activity, "Les Bains Douches" were closed because of security concerns.

In 2011, the building was reconceived by its owner as the Hotel des Bains Douches. The street side spaces will house a restaurant by the Pourcel brothers and a lounge bar and club will be located on the (second) floor.

In order to revive the spirit of the "Bathhouse", the destructive process on which the original site flourished must be reinvigorated and the spirit of the 1980's must be refound.

Our project is based heavily on the principles of sustainability, yet the idea of surprise is also pushed its limits. The decoration, as a kind of distortion of reality, is absent. Only work on the main structure and the senses is regarded. The simple figure of the cross guides the organization of space. The building is thus split into four distinct zones of functions that are formed around a central space. Outside, four patios are found exposed or under a canopy, corresponding to the entrance, a garden, a pool and a terrace. 

PROGRAM Rehabilitation of one Parisian night life`s emblematic buildings into a 5 star hotel. 43 rooms of which 13 suites


Team Maison Edouard François


BUDGET 37 857 € Schedule CONCOURS 2011

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7 Rue du Bourg-l'Abbé

75003 Paris