Loft and Garden

Bruxelles - Belgium

The project takes place in the former Veterinary School of Anderlecht. The latter was a set of brick buildings found in a wooded park in the center of Brussels. Our project, with its planted facades, responds to the surrounding park. The backing for the façades is composed of grooved wooden boards whose frequency matches the bricks patterns that are omnipresent on the site.


The floor plan is completely free and can be divided into vast lofts according to the needs of buyers. The circulation spaces are created though a system of passageways that are separated from the main volume. Made of tree trunks, the suspended circulation reads like immense scaffolding. On the rooftop, there are privatized gardens for the residents.


 The high-ceilinged ground floor hosts a variety of artistic activities. The structure of the building exposed on the facade is made of living willow trees. Replanted very close to the water table, the trunks will soon resume branching out and bearing foliage.

PROGRAM 28 loft type residences, retail and parking


CLIENT J.M.Ghislain TEAM Maison Edouard François


AREA 6 000 m² BUDGET 4,6 M €

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îlot Kuborn, Anderlecht