Salzburg Fusion


At the edge of historic Salzburg on the banks of the Salzach river, the figure of "big" bourgeois villas reign supreme with their sloping roofs bristling with turrets, towers, and dormer windows. Our project takes on the figure of this architecture, while combining and densifying the forms. The villas cling as pairs, merged together and linked in clusters. The original form is enriched by qualities and functions expected in the 21st century: bow windows, roof gardens, and private terraces provide the relationship with the outside and sunshine.

The villas are pierced by high windows whose frame recalls the massive window detailing of typical joinery in downtown Salzburg. The forms of the villas are arranged to frame the breathtaking view of the fortress, a veritable landmark in the city.

In its logic of perpetuation and entanglement, this urban center proposes to continue the garden of the nearby Villa Neustein. The villas are also raised in order to release a unique urban space that is both covered and open, commercial and romantic, intimate and public.

International competition, invitation


PROGRAM City life Rehrlplatz, urban project, city center


Client AH Projektentwicklung GmbH Team MAISON ÉDOUARD FRANÇOIS


Area 4800m² housing,1400m² offices, 2700m² retail, parking Budget n.a Schedule COMPETITION 2011







5020 Salzburg