Bordeaux Brazza

Bordeaux - France

The Urban Regeneration Zone of Brazza, in Bordeaux, can be easily understood. The site is an abandoned industrial wasteland. Echoes of its industrial past can be perceived through ruins, graffiti, light filtering across crumbing constructions, wind, currents of air, and stagnating water. The intention of the new urban masterplan is clear — it demands a skillful composition of architecture and landscaping. There is a need for a local and contextual response. The rare but feasible possibility of the site becoming a floodplain for the nearby Garonne River is not an illusion. From this constraint multiple architectural concepts have been generated. Buildings are raised on pilotis in front of the park and are reached by footbridges. And, most importantly, the landscape is composed of simple plants that are native to the riverbanks.

This attitude fits well into a sustainable process, whose first step consists of densifying the space without removing its native landscaped character. It is the opposite of modernity, which is always in conflict with the past and demands a hygienic aesthetic. Here, the preservation of the floodplain is coherent with the preservation of its original biodiversity. The space thus created beneath the buildings will be liberated of all obstacles, making way for a program of urban agriculture.

PROGRAM Residential, retail, parking

CLIENT DOMOFRANCE TEAM Maison Edouard François, Aldebert Verdier Architectes (associated architect), André Verdier (struc. engineering), Grontmij Séchaud Bossuyt Ingénierie (mech. engineering), VPEAS (économiste)

AREA housing 10 928 m² SP, retail


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Quai de Brazza 38000 Bordeaux, France