Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel

Paris 8

A set of seven buildings, consisting of real and pastiche Haussmannian style buildings as well as a building dating from the 1970's, formed a nearly complete urban block in the Triangle d’or...

Tower Flower

Paris 17

The Flower Tower was completed in 2004. Christian de Portzamparc, architect in charge of the urban regeneration zone of Hauts Malesherbes, had given us a carte blanche.

Eden Bio

Paris 20

Eden Bio was a study of the densification of a typical suburban block on the east side of Paris. Three ideas guided the project.

The building that grows

Montpellier - France

The Building that Grows is a rare encounter between architect and developer in the field of desires.

Samaritaine Cheval Blanc Flagship

Paris 1

The exceptional site for this confidential project is a historic department store designed by Henri Sauvage that overlooks the Seine river and the Pont Neuf.

M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity

Vertical Chameleon - Paris 13

The relationship between building height and sustainability is a subject that currently occupies the minds of many city planners...

Metropole Hotel

Beaulieu-sur-mer - France

Isolated and lonely on the seafront, the Métropole epitomizes the last icon of the French Riviera.


Batz-sur-Mer, France

Facing the sea and situated on an isolated sand dune, the Villa Valentin offers the ultimate pleasures of a house with a private beach yet includes all the comforts and services of a luxury hotel.

Glass box, Pigeon Tree, Leather box

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire - France

By 1996, the Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire had already become a kind of "idea-farm". It was a place of inventions both small and big...

Rural Holiday Retreat

Jupilles - France

Located between the village and the forest, the project is a hybrid of urbanity and nature.

Urban Collage

Champigny-sur-Marne - France

At Champigny-sur-Marne, respect of the context and the refusal to interpret it led us to take a unique position.