Paris 14

The Maisonnette is situated on the 16th and 17th floors of a residential high-rise building that was built in 1967 behind the Montparnasse train station. From here, one can see the two faces of Paris: the classical order of historical Paris on one side and the disorder of the buildings of the 14th arrondissement and the suburbs on the other. 

The generating idea of this interior project was to strip the environment bare in order to accentuate the horizon. It was important not to overcharge the space or interfere with the view, which here is a true part of the decoration. The different spaces are lined with wooden baseboards made from timber scraps—their bark and moss has been preserved. Blades of bronze grass sporadically from these baseboards; copper pipes carry cables between the spaces; thick rope is fit into the joint between the waxed ipé flooring and the kitchen linoleum… These are small details that attract the eye and make the spaces resonate. 

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85 Boulevard Pasteur

75015 Paris