Gardens in the sky

Almere - Netherlands

The housing and office project in the Olympia neighborhood close to Almere was developed in collaboration with MVRDV.

Two buildings are proposed, a parasite and a tower of 15 floors.

Every apartment and working unit has one balcony accessible from the living room. All windows start at +45cm, plants spread out from the flower pots at window height, the garden extends to infinity... Three steps lead up to the horizon.

The facades for both the parasite and the tower are made from pre-fabricated standardized panels. The panel consists of a wooden frame containing the insulation. A black firestone rubbergard encapsulates the panel. The different depths of the boxes animate the facade whereas the average depth guarantees interior comfort. The panels go all around the building and also cover the ‘’underneath facade’’.

The tower floats over the concrete structure in X’s. Bicycle storage is located underneath and colored boxes contain the mechanical installation, cleaning facilities, elevators, stairs and mailboxes. A working space in a glass box is located at the northern corner. 

PROGRAM Housing, working units and neighborhood


CLIENT Stadgenot TEAM Maison Edouard François, in collaboration with MVRDV


AREA 5462 m² GFA (tower 15 floors) + 239 m² GFA (parasite 4 floors) SCHEDULE COMPETITION 2009

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