Lusail Tower

Doha - Qatar

The Lusail Tower is the first 6 Star QSAS-rated high-rise building to be developed in the new business district of Doha. This rare accomplishment represents the equivalence of a “Platinum” rating in the LEED system of sustainability, or an “Outstanding” certificate in the BREEAM system. In order to achieve this level of sustainability, the tower has been designed with the help of the best sustainable design consultants in France.

The architectural concept of the tower is based on simple, but elegant, vertical brise-soleils that orient the building towards the north and passively control the intensity of the sunlight that enters each floor level. To contribute to the efficiency of these carefully perforated sunscreens, the entire building has been rotated 20 ° from its original urban context. The sunscreens are multiplied and placed more frequently at the top levels of the tower, creating an intricate visual texture on the graceful silhouette. The entrance of the tower is conceived as a grand, triple-height lobby that is situated on the south-western portion of the site, at the intersection of the two main roads. Green, landscaped hills surround the lobby and are occupied by two levels of retail shops in a unique and sustainable fashion. A glass façade on the main boulevard is cleanly inserted into the green hill at the ground level and provides the main access to the retail shopping area.

Two escalators guide visitors up through the levels of retail to the restaurant terraces and garden. The restaurant, located on level two, offers superb views and takes advantage of the acoustic isolation from the road traffic. The terrace faces the north and the west. This allows the garden terrace of the tower to be in a constant cool atmosphere. 


CLIENT UCC TEAM Maison Edouard François

AREA 18 000 m² Net Floor Area